Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Cassius Clay who later became known as Muhammad Ali followed
the reserve gentleman boxer Floyd Patterson and the brutal stalking
slugger Sonny Liston as the heavyweight champion of the boxing
world.  Clay/Ali became the embodiment of the modern, trash-talking
professional athlete.                                                                                                                             
Sadly he has left us, which once more underscores the essential 
importance of every single life.
In a peculiar way, it made me think of my own brother  who was also a trash talker, Gene (as in
Gene Tunney who twice defeated the immortal Jack Dempsey).
Gene told me,” Hundreds of people told him that their lives were saved by my helping them get rid of their addictions”.
Muhammad Ali and my brother Gene are no longer with us but I am proud to say they are both in my thoughts.
I thank them both for the inspiration each has been to...
yours truly,
Dr. John (Jumpin' Johnny) Kline, Ph.D.

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